30 Day Harry Potter Gif Challenge

Day 20: A character you would play if you were in the movies.

Hermione Granger.

30 Day Harry Potter Gif Challenge

Day 19: A part in the books/movie that makes you angry

'He was their friend, and he betrayed them. HE WAS THEIR FRIEND! I hope he finds me, because when he does, I'm gonna be ready. When he does, I'm gonna kill him.'

I’m sorry, but this scene was so bad.

30 Day Harry Potter Gif Challenge

Day 18: A character you just want to kick in the face

Albus Dumbledore.

I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but when he died, he left Harry with so many questions. He never told something about his past, even though he trusted Harry. He never told the whole truth, he never told about the Deathly Hallows, Harry had to find it all out himself. And when I read Deathly Hallows I got angry with Dumbledore, just like Harry did.

In the end, of course, Dumbledore has done so many good things. What he did for Muggleborns and Magical Creatures and I really appreciate the fact he refused to become the Minister of Magic, because he know he couldn’t handle might like that.

30 Day Harry Potter Gif Challenge

Day 17: A character you would like to spend one day with

Hermione Granger

30 Day Harry Potter Gif Challenge

Day 16: Your favorite Marauder, Death Eater, or OotP member

Sirius Black

30 Day Harry Potter Gif Challenge

Day 15: A character you wish was real

Rubeus Hagrid

30 Day Harry Potter Gif Challenge

Day 14: A character in the movies who is closest to how you picture them in the book

Luna Lovegood

30 Day Harry Potter Gif Challenge

Day 13: Your favorite quote

'You have your mother's eyes.' - Severus Snape

30 Day Harry Potter Gif Challenge 

Day 12: A part that always makes you cry

The Prince’s Tale. 

The love he had for Lily, I can’t describe it. It’s so pure. How he regretted everything, how he would do anything for her, how he protected her son. He wasn’t nice at all to Harry, but he gave his live several times to save Harry’s.

How he almost fainted when he saw her death body, the way he held her, how he wished he was death himself. It just tore me apart. I’m now even crying when I’m writing this.

30 Day Harry Potter Gif Challenge

Day 11: Your favorite scene from your favorite book/movie

The kiss.

I love the kiss in either the book and the movie, they’re both perfect. The kiss in the book is a maybe-we-both-die-tonight-so-it’s-now-or-never-kiss and the kiss in the movie is a I’m-so-glad-we-both-survived-destroying-the-horcrux-you-are-really-the-love-of-my-life-kiss.

When I saw the kiss in the movie I didn’t blink for a minute long so I wouldn’t miss a mini-second of the kiss. After the kiss my friend had to pull me up so I wouldn’t end up under my chair.